Terms and Conditions

1. All supplied materials are the property of D. Jenkins Flooring Ltd until the relevant works have been paid for in full.

2. Pets are the responsibility of the client to be kept away from the working area unless otherwise discussed. If any damage is caused by releasing a pet into wet preparation or adhesive, additional costs may occur.

3. Sometimes an extra cost will be added to the final bill if extra preparation materials are used. Labour costs are usually kept the same as per quote unless there is substantial extra work required.

4. Flooring waste and packaging waste will not be disposed of without cost if flooring materials are sourced elsewhere and a labour only service is carried out.

5. Cancellation or postponement of works must be notified at least 5 working days before agreed start date. Charges may apply if I am unable to schedule other work  at the discretion of D. Jenkins Flooring Ltd.

6. Payment due within 7 days of work completion for residential customers, 14 days for commercial customers. Invoices must be settled 6 months after invoice has been generated, regardless of works being completed.

7. Door easing and cutting is not included with any quote. Hollow hardboard faced doors may not be able to be cut without a professional carpenter. Costs are £25 for first door, £15 for every subsequent door to be cut or eased with professional equipment.

8. Moving furniture. We are happy to move large items of furniture but we always request that smaller items such as books / CD’s and ornaments are removed prior to work commencing. We can move white goods and electrical items, however we will not be liable for issues relating to leaks arising from disconnecting and reconnecting water pipes. We also recommend a qualified plumber/electrician inspect any plumbing or electrical connections after being put back in place.

9. You will need to inform us about any other trades booked to work in the areas at the same time and discuss if this is possible. If we are uninformed and unable to work together, we might need to leave site, this may be chargeable at our discretion.

10. Floorboards that need to be lifted and re-fixed due to previous trades including plumbers / electricians failing to make good as part of their work make incur an extra cost depending on time taken to complete.

11. Site Temperature must be between 10 and 24 degrees for installation of LVT flooring to minimise shrinkage and expansion. Also above approximately 10 degrees for installation of smooth safety flooring like Polyflor Xl which can snap in cold temperatures.

12. Quotes valid for 30 days only, any increase in material cost will be notified at time of purchase.

13. Acclimatisation : if the LVT flooring product is already on site it must be laid flat and inside at room temperature for minimum 24 hrs, fitting may be postponed and charges may apply if the LVT product has been restacked badly / stood up on end or left outside in cool temperatures, please contact D. Jenkins Flooring to check before moving any materials.